Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Spotter's Field Guide to the Common Nick Muse

The Common Nick Muse

(Musus angelias nikolai)

The Nick muse was first spotted in November 2005, during production of the eponymous Nikolai. Originally mistaken for a Han muse (musus angelias solo), he quickly developed his own appearance and quirks.

Appearance: always short. Nicks don't go much taller than 5'7", much like the inspiration, Aaron Stanford. Always young, early 20s. Full mouth

Habitats: Urban, but variable. At home from ultra-elite penthouse to slum apartment.

Sexual habits
: Bisexual. Bully. Always bottoms to alpha males, domineering top to those he sees as weaker. Breath-control fetish. Oral fixation.

: November, always a Scorpio

The True Nick Muse is distinguished from the Lesser Nick Muse by sheer psychopathy. The True Nick Muse is always a sociopath, usually a killer, and as hard on his lovers as his enemies.

Appearances and Aliases

Nick Admire (True Nick Muse): "Tuition Fees" sociopathic representative with an eye on the main chance. Breaks artist- lover's finger in story, carved initials into lover's penis in missing scene.

Nick Boyd: (True Nick Muse): Nikolai series. Original muse. Memphis streetrat trained to be a world leader. Psychopath. Cannibal.

Nick Harper (Lesser Nick Muse): Alive on the Inside. Addictive personality, has gone from beer to Jesus to gay sex. Guilt-driven, religion haunted.

Sean O'Neill (Lesser Nick Muse) Cyberverse: streetrat who gets lucky with irishgirl. Straight for most of the series (a rarity in Nicks)

Sean Dempsey (Lesser Nick Muse) Shell Shocked. PTSD Iraq vet with artificial knees and a bad valium habit. A little submissive.

Josh Tucker (Lesser Nick Muse): "Collared Hearts" Napoleon complex, bossy art dealer.Not sexually adventurous. Artist-lover collared him and taught him better

Charlie Doyle (Lesser Nick Muse): Lord Edward series. Brash, eager, blushes easily

Richard G. Jax (Lesser Nick): "Deadman's curve" An undead stripper with a demonic boss and an exclusive client.

Jared Byrne called Treesinger (Lesser Nick). Emerald Birthstone. An Earth mage with a half-elf lover.
Jarret Burns (True Nick). Emerald Birthstone. Computer programmer who breaks the If Barrier. Keeps a rescued whore as a housepet, makes him go out to lunch in drag. Has kinky sex with his best friend Taylor.

Usual Companions.

The benJedi twins, Misha and David, in any alias. (alpha male)
Christopher, the artist, in any alias
The T muse, in every alias (alpha male)

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