Thursday, October 1, 2015

Halloween 2015: Lovers and Other Monsters.

Today's post is LOOOOOOONG

It has the music and pictures, but also an excerpt from "Persephone is bleeding" and the full text of "Alonzo the Brave and Fair Imogene."

So, the video and a link.

Lovers and Other Monsters

Halloween 2015: Kitchen Witch Wednesday

Sounds of the season:


I like to drizzle this with white candy coating.

Creepy Pics of the Day:

Hosted by Midnight Margaritas.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Notes from all over

It's been busy around here, so just a few things.

I hope you're enjoying the Halloween content. There will be Christmas/Winter Holiday content as well.

We're off to New Orleans this weekend. ConTraFlow is a very good time. After that is Festival of Souls, ConTraception and Geekonomicon.

Terror of the Frozen North got a very good review.

At a GlanceCheck your reality at the door and immerse yourself in a really good book – this one!

A political note: check your voter registration! If you plan to vote in a primary, now's the time to make sure you are registered.

Halloween 2015: Tuesday Witch-crafting

Sounds of the Season:


These are one of my favorite decorations. You can see many of them at any Literary Underworld room party.

The Angel


Basic beginning fill. She'll get facial features and highlights soon.

Your Creepy pic of the Day
Because there is no end to the talent of the mentally warped.