Saturday, June 23, 2012

A week of busy-ness

It has been a week!

I woke up absolutely deaf on Sunday. An allergy attack had gone into my eustachian tubes. I'm still deaf and will call the dr. Monday

Monday, I got word that my editor wanted HARD REBOOT by Friday, and I pulled out all the stops. Oh, ducklings, I've been trapped in cyberpunk editing HELL! Your dear old auntie has been killing herself, rising, editing, eating, editing, going to the day job, coming home and editing. But my edit is done and off to the editor. We'll be having another round before publication, so yeah...

NIKOLAI was up for grabs this week. 359 copies ended up in willing hands. We peaked at number 30 in the SF section. Very nicely done.

I am taking the weekend off. I'll be reading LKH's OBSIDIAN BUTTERFLY (I love Anita when she's working!) and watching back episodes of "Nikita" and getting all caught up on this season's "True Blood." There was also an Errol Flynn marathon earlier this week (for his 103rd birthday), and I have MASTER OF BALLANTRAE waiting. (this is me, doing a Scottish happy dance)

Yes, I do watch television. I'm watching more than I've watched for years! I watch Nikita, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy and True Blood. I watch soap operas, but mine have spies and zombies and bikers and vampire. A few of my favorite things. *g*

But today there will be reading and Mexican Chicken Casserole and much goofing off. I may even play CivilizationV. (I remember the first version, 20 years ago)

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