Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Sexy Saturday Blog Hop

Today's offering is from "Out of Options" originally in Storm Moon Press' Like it or Not Anthology, which has just been released as a stand alone story.

Please note, the consent in this story and this anthology is dubious at best. The stories are not for everyone. The excerpt is fairly safe.

"Mmm," Jarrett offered him the cherry, dangling it by its stem in his direction. Connor flicked the cherry with his tongue like it was a piƱata. Then he let the sweet, alcoholic fruit sit on his tongue before he drew it, stem and all, into his mouth and kissed Jarrett's fingers. Connor held the cherry behind his teeth as Jarrett tugged the stem out, looking as if he'd like to head straight for bed. "We're gonna have some fun and then crash hard. Since we don't have to get up, we can spend all day tomorrow in bed, too."

"First installment." Connor giggled, the drinks going to his head. He finished up the cherry, not really liking it, but Jarrett's reaction had been worth it. He'd make the sex as hot as he could tonight.

Jarrett just kissed him and left their empty glasses on the coffee table. "Come on, babe. I can't wait to be back inside you." He stood up and reached both hands down to Connor.

Connor smiled and let Jarrett pull him to his feet and straight into another kiss. He'd never met a man who liked to kiss as much as Jarrett did, and he loved it.  They staggered down the hall, entangled in each other's arms and distracted by kisses and undressing.

Jarrett flopped back on the bed, shirtless and barefoot, and laughed. "Come on, strip off. I want you naked. And then you can come finish me up."

"You're drunk, and I shouldn't take advantage," Connor teased. He stripped slowly, letting Jarrett have a show.

Jarrett wolf-whistled approvingly. "Brat."

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Dakota Trace said...

Awesome imagery! Very sexy indeed.