Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Imaginarium check list

I'm packing! I'm packing!

1) Pack clothes. Where's my Inkstained Succubus T shirt? Why do I have two Inkstained Succubus T shirts? Where's my Angelia Sparrow T shirt? Where's my BRA? (I am, however past the age when the kids would steal it and wear it for a hat.)

2) Pack books! We have Spellbound Desire and Nikolai Revenant in print!  Books are packed.

3) Pack kitchen: clean the cooler, clean the hotplate, replenish the breakfast foods, hard boil the eggs!

4) Panic. No, wait, not time yet.

5) make edible glitter.

6) make oodles of chocolate cupcakes. In a toaster oven.

7) pack white icing, toothpicks, knife, spoon and cherry pie filling to turn the cupcakes evil. Glitter, because sparkly vampires.

8) Panic. No, still not time.

9) Buy ingredients for Scarecrow Crunch and possible other party mix.

10) Consider baking pumpkin pasties.

11) Consider glittery pumpkin pasties as con wear.

12) Discard pumpkin ideas and panic.

13) Update Iphone with music and sexy e-books.
13a) swear at Apple and go with radio

14) collapse and catch 3 hours of sleep before the 384 mile drive.

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