Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: A Sexy First

This week’s theme is a sexy first. A sexy first could be anything: a sexy first kiss, a sexy first meeting, a sexy first spaceship ride with that sexy someone. You tell us what you want the sexy first to be. And no matter what your concept of a sexy first may be, we’d love to hear all about that wonderful moment.

How about a sexy first meeting from the first stand-alone story I ever wrote?
Seven paragraphs from "Cake Under the Mistletoe," collected in Riding the Nightmare

Paul (BB, stands for Big Bad Wolf) and Dan (Furball) met over a mailing list. Now, Paul is throwing a holiday party and Dan has flown all the way from Memphis to Wisconsin for it.


The slim, dark bearded man that stepped out of the tunnel was not quite what I had expected. He was wearing the Cthulhu in a Santa Hat sweatshirt that he had told me he’d be wearing. I walked up to him and steered him out of the general traffic before hugging him.

“Welcome to the Great White North, Furball.”

“Hello yourself, BB.” He winked and wrapped an arm around my waist. “I didn’t check anything, so we can just go.”

“Great.” I could feel the sexual tension building already. He smelled good. Clean, but without heavy aftershave or cologne. Mostly it was just the smell of him. I caught his nose twitching too. “Pup, you thinking what I’m thinking?”

A slow sexy smile crossed his face. “I bet I am. But I think we should go home. Homeland Security really frowns on people sitting in their cars even if they’re making out.”

“Just making sure we’re not going to end up in that scene from Random Hearts.”

“Hate to break it to you, but you’re not exactly Harrison Ford.” He patted me where I was getting thick in the middle from too much time in my drafting chair and too little at the gym.


Sondrae Bennett said...

A new book to add to my holiday reading list. Thanks for sharing.

Angelia Sparrow said...

Sondrae, hope you enjoy. My Gay Christmas Werewolves have been a lot of fun over the years