Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yuletide Youtube

Yuletide Youtube.
Some pagan folk metal to get you going on a Tuesday

Pic of the day:

Today is the last day to order from my etsy shop before Christmas.

Don't forget the Den of Debauchery's Big Yule Giveaway on Friday. For one day, you can request one free book from me. Might take a peek at the Den and see what you want!

The free book today is Dark star. Het contemporary thriller

Easy craft of the day
Cinnamon Stick Pentagrams –
Soak 5 cinnamon sticks (each about the same length) overnight in warm water.
In the morning, pat them dry and form them into a pentagram. The soaking will make them pliable so that as you overlap them, they will bend more easily.
Hot glue the ends together and then wrap the ends also with twine or raffia and tie it off.
Use extra raffia to create a loop at the top for hanging.

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