Friday, April 10, 2015

Beta Readers needed

Now that I have your attention... (That's Christian Kane from Leverage, 2:2, The Tap Out Job)

Last year I gave birth to three ugly Remillard babies and a soulless one.
Cosmetic surgery and plot therapy have been enacted on our oversexed, insane Madeline, and Terror of the Frozen North is out to beta from its rewrites.

So, anyone willing to beta read? Give us a 3rd an 4th opinion on the problems with these books? Let us know what works and should be kept? 

Anthony is missing something. Not even our content editor knows for sure. I suspect it's his soul. He has his father's eyes. This is the prequel to Nikolai, contains m/m sex and knifeplay.

Dirty Toes is much more medically fragile. It's an Urban Fantasy, in which a PI with minimal magical talent (wonky Sight and weirdness magnet) gets stuck handling a serial killer case the police don't want. It suffers from the Left Behind problem, in which Buck Williams, Greatest Investigative Reporter of All Time, never files a single story or does one bit of investigating as the biggest event in human history unfold around him. I know the main problem. I need to know what elements work. No sex, secondhand gore.

The Sweet Science of Bruising is steampunk erotica, and needs total Jack-forming. Everything has to be stripped away and the core bits isolated and built on. I need steampunk-friendly readers who know the history and tropes and aren't going to balk at our heroine building vibrators. I need to know what works in the story. Lots of m/f sex, some f/f.

Leave a message in the comments (they're screened at my LiveJournal but not here) with your email and which you'd like a crack at.

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