Saturday, April 18, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy's Got You, Babe

This week’s theme is Sexy’s Got You, Babe and is based upon the old Sonny and Cher song, "I’ve Got You, Babe." This is all about the lovers who are always there for each other. Rent’s due, no money yet they have each other; life’s throwing them a curve ball, they have each other; job expectations aren’t panning out yet they still have each other. You get the idea. Their external odds maybe be insurmountable, or seem that way, yet they have one another held firmly in their love.

The things a man will do for one he loves include leaping into an arena and fighting in a death match, protecting him on a prison world and following him halfway across the galaxy. Miho and Hevik very much have each other's back throughout Heart's Bounty.

Your Seven Sexy Paragraphs:

“Ooo, a lover’s spat,” put in Malkin. “Glad I’m in the cage. You know that most homicides occur between intimate partners over infidelity.”

They turned on him and said together, “Shut up.”

Miho looked at Hevik and burst into laughter. Hevik didn’t laugh. “This is different,” he repeated.

“How? How is it different than me enjoying myself during the Rave? You know you weren’t the only  one I fucked that week.”

“I know. This is different,” Hevik took several short, deep breaths. “This is different because you didn’t want it and it hurt you. It’s different because you’re mine now and…because I love you.” The words came out all in a rush and he wasn’t sure he wanted to see the look on Miho’s face. Suddenly the deckplates looked good again.

“Really?” There was none of Miho’s usual cockiness or sharp tongue in the word. His already big eyes were wider than they had any business being and Hevik realized the kid looked and sounded hopeful.

He pulled Miho close and kissed him just as sweetly as he knew how. He focused only on the lips under his, the body in his arms. His Miho.

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