Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Social media and numbers

I've had social media for a long time. My LJ is 13 years old.

And I was asked to sort out my media, check out the numbers. Gaining followers has never been a huge motivation, so I don't try.  I'm kind of surprised the numbers.

Where to find me around the net:

Author sites:   317 friends, some of whom are dead

I don't say the dead part jokingly. We've lost a few to various causes over the year. I thought the number was higher. It cross-posts to LJ and Twitter.    4 followers. I average 30-40 views per entry.

This is us here. Because it crossposts to facebook, Google+ and twitter, it brings in readers

Amazon Author Page:

Facebook (account and page)
Angelia    950 friends, at least 10 of which are dead

Again not joking on the dead part. I had a pretty good grasp. And I know only about 100 people see any given post and only 50 or so will like it. My LJ, Tumbler, Blogger and Pinterest all crosspost here

Author Angelia    328 total page likes

Google+, Angelia Sparrow,   332 people in my circles

I can't get the hang of this piece of media. I try, but revert to just crossposting.

Twitter: asparrow16   320 followers

My LJ, blogger and Pinterest all crosspost here. I do not like the format. It posts back to my LJ.

Pinterest:   414 followers

I was surprised that iI had so many. I love this piece of media. It appeals on a lot of levels.

Other SN platforms:    70 followers

I like Tumblr, but it's mostly my fannish activity these days. A mix of SW, SPN, HP and Inception, with lots of knitting and crochet.    222 connections

Another thing i haven't gotten the hang of.  310 friends

My blogger crossposts here. but I find the groups tedious.   11 followers

 (this is a backup to LJ)  171 connections

Haven't used this in 5 years. Need to get back to it. 65 followers

Figuring this one out.

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