Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy on Fire

I have a new release this week! Turning the Tables has just arrived from Storm Moon Press. Four sexy stories of pegging.

My offering is called "Double Dealing," and is a sequel to Hard Reboot.

Zara loves her beautifully submissive husband. But the dark secret she doesn't know about him could end their marriage and her life. So as he grows more unstable, she is forced into double dealing with an officially dead woman and her husband's identical twin.

So seven, very explicit, not at all work safe paragraphs from "Double Dealing"

Zara steeled herself and slid out of the chair. She went to the room, stripped,
and hung her dress in the closet.

"David, love, watch me."

She felt more than saw his intense dark eyes fasten on her and follow her as she went to the dresser. She adjusted the lighting, dimming the room, which made her skin nearly glow in the gloom. She heard his breath catch.

Zara opened the second drawer of the dresser and took out the toy Ariel had promised his brother. She loved that it was modeled on the twins' own equipment, since David had given it to her shortly after their engagement. She had several, some the size of an ordinary man, some monstrous pricks out of nightmare, as long as her arm and covered in ridges and bumps.

David's bisexuality had never been a secret. Ariel claimed he had made his first million selling his brother's nubile ass on the streets of Tel Aviv in their teens. David always corrected him, saying it had been two million. And he had given Zara the tools to satisfy it.

She undid the pressure seal of the syntheflesh that covered her mons and opened the false skin like curtains. A direct neural interface flashed its readiness. She smiled at David as she plugged the toy into the interface and shivered as the pseudonerves of the toy came on line. She stoked herself with a leisurely hand and heard David's breathing get faster.

"Ready, darling? I am. This is going down your throat and up your ass and all the ways we like it best. So you had best be on your knees before I get to the bed, and ready to suck my dick." She picked up a set of wrist cuffs as well.

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