Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh dear

It's been a bit since I had content here, hasn't it?
The week of my 24th wedding anniversary was 5 work shifts in 4 days.
And the last couple weeks got away from me in a haze of editing for Inkstained Succubus. (we're reissuing a fantasy novel)

And today was the first day of school. Also the first day I've been out of bed before 11, that didn't involve being at the office at 4 in the morning.

My kids are getting too big too fast. Chris is knocking around making ramen for lunch. He's busily eating and working out, trying to gain weight to get into the Army.

Jonathan is ready for his first day of high school. He's 15, will be 16 by Christmas. Olivia is headed to Junior high. She's 13.

I think she has the attitude down. 

So, as the summer melts into fall, and we enjoy the cooler temperatures, what am I up to, other than mainlining Smallville episodes, squeeing at the hooyay, adoring Lana and the Kent parental romance and generally enjoying every second of the Magnificent Bastard?

I have six releases coming sometime soon:
1) Steamed up from Dreamspinner. My short is “Five to One,” a bit of clever boys being clever and schmoopy.

2) Forgotten Menagerie. from Storm Moon. My story is “Burdens Lightened,” the tale of a werehorse coming out of the stable, so to speak.

3) Turning the Tables.  from Storm Moon. "Double Dealing" is set in the same cyberpunk universe as Hard Reboot and "Swimming through the Net". We see a moment between Zara and her Gemini.

4)  Tall, Dark and Wriggly from Storm Moon. My story, "Chained to the Wheel," is another cyberpunk piece, this time focused on The Wheelman, and his new housepet, Niall O’Neil.

5) Undeath and the Detective, from Elm books. "S is for Succubus" is reissued in this anthology.

6)  "Fruits of Thine," an interracial BBW piece, involving an amazonian secretary who falls for Pan is coming from Amber Heat.

Gabriel and I are hard at work on an urban fantasy novel set in the DJ Admire universe.  I'm typing on the gothic piece for Samhain and a priest kink one for Storm Moon with Naomi. Still poking at Terror of the Frozen North.

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