Friday, June 28, 2013

A busy week and some small accomplishments

I am having some fun. There was the Rainbow blog hop AND the Dirty Birdies this week..

It's time to announce the winners of those:
Emily gets the Eye Candy prize of the complete Cyberverse
And Debbie gets the copy of Heart's Bounty.
Those will be in the mail tomorrow morning.

I had some photos get picked up for the Queer GRITS anthology.
It's a three photo set, B&W very creepy.

I just sent my contract for "Fruits of Thine" into Amber Quill.
This het urban fantasy has a late Sept release date. Carla is a BBW of color, who is sent on a corporate retreat with several other misfits and difficult people. But the retreat turns out to be much, much more than anyone planned. The woods are a place of sacrifice, of change and of transformation. And what is a Christian administrative assistant to do when one of the old gods falls for her?

"S is for Succubus" has been sent in for the Undeath and the Detective anthology  from Elm books.

Hard at work finishing a gay steampunk romance. I find gay hard to combine with steampunk. For some reason, lesbians work better.

And Julnawrimo is just around the corner! I'm going to see if I can finish ONE of these books that keeps knocking around in here.

This weekend, there's a My Sexy Saturday blog hop AND Nick Valentino will be stopping by to talk about his new book, Thomas Riley and the Maelstrom. I'm a big fan of Nick and enjoy Thomas, so it's great to have him visiting.

Clear skies!

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