Monday, June 10, 2013

Monday Monday

Here we are at the beginning of another week filled with hope, promise and scorched eggs.

I was hard boiling some for egg salad, got distracted balancing the checkbook and let them boil dry. These things happen.

 Automatic weapons-fire from the front room, along with a great deal of swearing, tells me my oldest son is still battling the faceless hoards on the PS3. I need him to go hang his laundry out so it can dry before storms arrive. We're scheduled for 3 o'clock Charlie today.
Poor Mudd. He's going to be out on the training course all day, too. He's training for his CDL.

 So, what am I up to other than severe domesticity?
I did finances, bill paying, taxes and royalties for Inkstained Succubus this morning.
I'll be editing on "Double Dealing" for Storm Moon's Turning the Tables anthology.
I will watch Island at the Top of the World as I get busier on Terror of the Frozen North. Everything I never wanted to know about Arctic expeditions. But Charlie and Edward are having sexy sex and much of it with Nigel's jealous hearing. So all is good. (Nigel has offered Charlie lessons on how to properly top Edward. Match made in Hell that threesome)

 For those who have no idea what that last sentence is about, I must recommend Curse of the Pharaoh's Manicurists. Edward Kilsby, Lord Withycombe is a WWI flying ace, an adrenaline junkie having trouble dealing with civilian life. Nigel Drake was his wingman during the War, and his lover during and after. Nigel now works for Edward's estranged fiancee, Sarah. Charlie Doyle is Edward's American secretary, very much in love with his handsome lord. Blind as a bat and he drags his typewriter everywhere (quite a feat in 1923)

 I'm prodding at a few DJ stories, and just subbed the original, "S is for Succubus", to an anthology called Undeath and the Detective. I had to rewrite a little and get my universe consistent.

 On the news front:
 I am guest-blogging at The Galaxy Express today
 We got another good review of Hearts Bounty
 An interview with Miho and Hevik
 I have signed up for the Dirty Birdies (June 25-27) and the Rainbow Blog (June14-16) hops, so watch for those posts.
I've also done an interview for Top2Bottom Reviews which should run next month

 Never a dull moment around here.

 Ooo, the new eggs are done!

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