Friday, August 5, 2011

Free books

Leave a comment on the LJ post. You do not have to log in.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Big book give away

In honor of being married 22 years, I am giving away 22 ebooks.
(ebooks have no postage!)

So, how do you, my friends and loyal readers, snag one for your own?

Today, go to my website, and decide which one you want. Alas, Dragons Composed, Dreams of Steam, Four-Play and Zombiality are not available, being print-only.

Tomorrow I will make the request post. Leave your request and email at the screened dropbox.

For those who prefer the heterosexual side of things, let me make it easy:
Pushing the Boundaries of Reality (m/f/m)
Showdown at Yellowstone River (some male bisexuality)
Burning for Eight Days.
A Dark Roasted Christmas
Like a Corset Undone (Full three way menage a trois)
Ellora's Cavemen

If lesbians are your thing:
Worth the Woe
Howl at the Mistletoe. (3 lesbian stories, request this and I'll send Still rolling, the sequel to Rewriting Old Songs)