Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to school, back to work

It's been a productive summer.

I wrote one novel, finished one and rewrote a third.
I crocheted a baby blanket and read 10 books. (may I say I LOVE having books on my phone?)
I watched 8 movies.

So here's what's coming this fall!

Monday, my kids go back to school! I'm already back on the 1 AM shift. 
Obi-Wan Chrisobi will be a senior this year.  He got a 29 on his ACT and is quite disappointed. He's planning to go to University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
Jonner is a freshman. This is his last year at the junior high.
Oli is a big sixth grader, top dog at the elementary school.
Mudd has a lot of 7th and 8th grade classes this year. He's kind of dreading it.

Sometime soon, Hard Reboot will be out.

How much love do you need to pull your brainwashed wife back to herself? How much risk are you willing to take? How many powerful people are you willing to defy? Con-man Sean O'Neill learns more about himself than he knew existed as he tries to rebuild his wife, Caitlin McLean, from the wreckage of the sex slave that powerful men made her into.

On August 31, I have some chainsaw wielding to do. I'm cutting out a stand of young oak that are endagering our house foundations. Cutting them on the Blue Moon feels right.

Over Labor Day, I will be a guest at Memphit Fur Meet. My first furry con! I am excited.
Author Reading and the Art of Steampunk is 8 PM Friday, I have a panel on "Care and Feeding of small presses" at 2 PM Saturday

In September, Carved in Flesh, a scar anthology, will be out from Storm Moon Press. Naomi and I have an unconventional romance called "Tiocfaidh Ar La" in it. A badly scarred former IRA explosives expert falls for the night programmer.

September 16-22 is the Literary Underworld Blog tour. A bunch of us Underlords will be blogging all over the net. Watch this space, it should be fun!

I have the Mabon ritual for my Grove. We're also doing an initiation of new members and a Warrioring. We worship the Four-fold Goddess: Maiden Warrior, Mother and Crone. And one of our Maidens is stepping into the Warrior phase of her life.

My dad turns 68 this year on Sept 30. Wow.

October 18 is Festival of Souls and I'm still considering.

On October 26, Spellbound Desire comes out. This is a heterosexual urban fantasy novel from Ellora's Cave.

She's a hard-drinking PI on the Nightside of Memphis. He's a Scottish combat mage on his last mission before retirment. They fight crime demons.

November 9 is ConTraception in Kansas City! Looking forward to seeing my friends and selling books!

As always you can find my books at Brooks and Sparrow.