Saturday, July 7, 2012

July and all it brings

Fandom Fest wass exhausting, and the drive home was a death march. But much good should come of it.

It's July, so we are in the throes of Julnawrimo, trying to finish Barbarossa's Bitch before the heat finishes us. Post apocalyptic biker gang story told in a non-linear fashion. I'm sorry, i had an attack of literary-ness

Hard Reboot comes out this month. I am hard at work on the final edits. Heterosexual cyberpunk has worn on me badly.

Just printed my contract for Spellbound Desire, my heterosexual urban fantasy for Ellora's Cave. It goes in the mail Monday. Bran and D.J. are great fun and we hope the readers enjoy them as much as Naomi and I did.

Edits for "Tiocfaidh Ar La" should be coming my way soon. That's our scarred up IRA explosives expert who falls for the night programmer at work. It'll be out in September.

I'm reading Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes which is better than I remember and Leslie Langtry's 'Scuse Me while I Kill This Guy, which is hilarious.

The Write Or Die website is calling my name. So I leave you with the picture that made D.J. Admire sit up and announce "WANT THAT" in defiance of all previous asexual behavior.

(yes, it's a Sons of Anarchy still. We're kind of using Tommy Flanagan's face as our mental image of Bran)