Saturday, May 31, 2014

Forty Things Every Erotica Writer Should Try Once

This is advice that is often given to writers.
It's not a bad bit of advice. It can be stifling if taken too literally. All we end up writing are people just like ourselves. Or, we can treat it as an imperative to go out and learn about what we're writing about.

The best advice I can give any writer, after "WRITE!" is this:

Go Do It.

Very simple, and yet so very hard. It may require experimenting outside your comfort zones, stepping outside your sexual orientation, or braving a learning curve.

Go Do It.

1) Have Sex.
2) Have Anal Sex.
3) Suck a Cock.
4) Eat a Twat.
5) Receive Oral.
6) Be Fucked with a Dildo. A Butt Plug. A Vibrator.
7) Fuck Someone with The Same.
8) Try a Strap-On
9) Fist Someone
10) Be Fisted.
11) Try Shibari.
12) Try Suspension
13) Wear Handcuffs.
14) Wear Leather Cuffs.
15) Wear a Leather Collar.
16) Wear a Metal Collar.
17) Put Cuffs on Someone
18) Put a Collar on Someone.
19) Walk on a Leash.
20) Walk Someone on a Leash.
21) Take a Blow. From a Rubber Flogger. From a Leather Flogger From a Single Tail. From a Crop. From a Paddle.
22) Throw The Same Blows.
23) Try The Position.
24) Have a Safeword.
25) Have Clamps Applied. And Removed.
26) Apply and Remove Clamps
27) Have Hot Wax, Ice, Needles, Electricity Applied to Erogenous Zones
28) Apply Hot Wax, Ice, Needles, Electricity to Erogenous Zones
29) Be Slammed Against A Wall and Kissed Ferociously
30) Slam Someone Against A Wall and Kiss Them Ferociously
31) Be Put Through the Basic Submissive Poses
32) Correct a Sub Through the Basic Submissive Poses
33) Give Aftercare
34) Receive Aftercare
35) Start a Relationship
36) Break Off a Relationship.
37) Go On a Traditional Date.
38) Have a One-Night Stand.
39) Have a Threesome.
40) Fall in Love

My Sexy Saturday: Sexy Once Again

Have you ever created or read about a character who for some reason has lost that sexy feeling? Then suddenly, something happens and they are sexy once again? I’m sure many of you have heard about it. After all, there have been many popular movies about it.  Those stories are all about the characters. Something has happened in their lives that they don’t think they will ever come back from it.

Tiochfaidh Ar La
$1.99 from Storm Moon Press
Or the Carved in Flesh anthology 

Blurb: Tiocfaidh Ár Lá—"our day will come"—was the cry in Joe Colson's heart, even as he fled his beloved Ireland to hide from his crimes in the States. He'd assumed his chances for love were long past when a much younger man rekindles something in him he'd thought long dead.

Ryan cleaned up the plates, rinsing them in the sink before putting them back
in the bag. "Yeah, I gotta go. Bad section of code tonight. I swear, sometimes I think
they let chimpanzees code it and then hire me to make it work."

As Ryan passed Joe's chair, Joe reached up and caught him by the arm.

"Ain't a date without a good-night kiss." He tugged a little, and Ryan bent right
down. He kissed the kid and found out that Ryan did know how to kiss. When his
tongue touched the boy's lips, Ryan opened up and let him right in. Joe tasted him, all
warm pudding and soft mouth. Somehow, as they kissed, Ryan ended up straddling his lap, kissing back, his tongue in Joe's mouth, his arms around Joe's neck.

They parted and stared at each other for a second, and then Ryan plunged
right back in for another kiss. Better than the first, that one left Joe hard and ready.
Ryan ground against his erection, and Joe gasped into the kiss.

"Oh no!" Ryan moaned. "I'm gonna have to loop the surveillance now." He
gave Joe a small peck and tucked his card into the breast-pocket of the uniform shirt.
"Call me when you get off."

Joe chuckled at that, and Ryan realized what he'd said. He turned bright red
and face-palmed.

"I'll call," Joe said. He watched as Ryan fled for the safety of his office and the
chimpanzee code. Once the boy was gone, he laughed for the first time in years. Ryan
was cute and sexy and wanted him. He put the bag of dishes away, set his hat on his

head, and went off on his rounds to finish the shift.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy time

I haven't fallen off the map.
I've just been busy. I had a couple of "I'm on the 19th hour of an 18 hour bra" days.
Facebook is easier for reposting something quick. Here, I feel obligated to provide actual content.

So let's talk about how I do social media

I have:
This blog,

Anything I post here automatically goes to Google+, Twitter, Goodreads  and Facebook. There is a feed to LJ (not that anyone follows it)

Anything I post at Dreamwidth mirrors to LJ.
Everything posted on LJ mirrors to FB and Twitter
The drawback here is that Dreamwidth doesn't have an easy picture upload, so I can't do photodumps.

Pinterest mirrors to Facebook and sometimes I crosspost to LJ or Tumblr.

Some of my Goodreads activity mirrors to Facebook.

Tumblr? I'm still figuring out Tumblr.

Basically, Livejournal is still your best option for following me. But most of its content gets sent elsewhere as well.

Current projects:
Finishing The Sweet Science
Dirty Toes picks up June 1.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Doing Sexy

 From the moment our couple meets, their first hot kiss, to the fulfillment of a dream, show us the wonders of finding, falling in love and loving your significant other. Show us how they come into their own as they learn and understand just why the other part of them finds them very sexy…naturally.

Today's excerpt is from Nikolai
Nick has just been arrested and is in holding.

Buy Link

He moved slowly, with his head tilted, looking obliquely at the new man who’d just been shown in: early forties, close-cut hair just showing the first salt and pepper, the mustache and goatee showing the same.

Nick looked especially hard at the eyes, mouth and hands. The eyes were dark, Mediterranean-looking to match the olive skin, and seemed to see right through him. Greek, maybe, he decided. He ignored the little voice, instilled by church and reform schools and all  the other religion peddlers, that insisted the gorgeous man before him could be nothing but a nephil, the son of a woman and a fallen angel.

His mouth was half hidden by the facial hair, but the full bottom lip had a sensual look, kissable, making Nick wonder how it would taste. A small, slightly cruel smile played over his lips and Nick had the feeling it seldom left. He suspected when this man really smiled, it was a rare sight, and when he frowned, the very buildings trembled.

The hands, now there was the enigma. They were large and elegant, with long tapering
fingers that looked just slightly calloused. They weren’t the hands of a hard laborer or the idle rich. Nick couldn’t place them. They went with the very expensive suit.

“Nicholas Boyd?” The newcomer’s voice was not as deep as he’d expected and sounded
half-amused, as if he knew who Nick was and knew that Nick knew he knew it. Nick recognized it as the voice from the pawnshop.

“Yeah. What do you want?” Cops didn’t dress this well, and until he knew more, Nick had no intention of cooperating, despite the voice that sent goose bumps all over him and made his gut knot in anticipation.

“I have a proposition for you.” ~~~

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: A Sexy Thing

"In every relationship there is a sexy thing. Sometimes, it is the heroine who doesn’t know she’s sexy. Sometimes, it’s the hero that’s just doing the right thing who comes out the winner.

Every character is different as the story they tell as are the writers who write them. We can’t expect any less from our readers. Every reader is different and that’s why we write in many different genres.

Please share those scenes with us this week. From the moment our couple meets, their first hot kiss, to the fulfillment of a dream, show us the wonders of finding, falling in love and loving your significant other."

From "Riding the Edge" in Dominant Tendencies

Antoine gave him a half smile. “I don't usually learn the new brothers' names until they've been with us for three months.”

Cody barked a little laugh at that. “Yeah, that's what Wilson said. You don't have a girl?”

Antoine just looked at him. “Boy, you know better.”

Cody nodded and ran one hand through his sweaty brown hair. “We the only ones?” he asked and Antoine heard something a little calmer in his voice. He had Cody's measure now. Little boy had been bossed around all his life, and now he needed one more person to tell him what to do. 

“Eh, most of them will go for a bj if there's no other option, but they mostly like girls.” Antoine looked Cody over, making sure the kid saw him do it. He reached over and gripped Cody's shoulder. “Right now, boy, I have a powerful need and you're going to fix it for me.”

Cody tensed and Antoine could almost see the hot retort on the end of his tongue. Then he relaxed under Antoine's hand. “Anything you like, Mr. Vice-President, sir.” He picked up both his full beer and Antoine's half-finished one. “I'll clean up and you can tell me exactly what a president of vice does.”

“Smart mouth.” Antoine hid his smile and let him wash out the mugs. “Get your helmet. We're going to my place. You're riding bitch.” That was the real test. If Cody had a bit of dom in him, he'd demand to ride his own bike.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Cyberpunk werewolf/merman tentacle porn!

Now that I have your attention...

It's out today!

Click cover to purchase.

Niall is a Netrunner also known as the Timberwolf, fierce and cunning in his information raids. But when he's captured in the real world by tech giant Erik, also known as The Wheelman, Niall is Chained to the Wheel in real space and used for Erik's pleasure in the Net. And when Erik comes to test him, it will be with the awe-inspiring lower body of an octopus and a mingling of pain and pleasure that Niall no longer wants to escape.

It's set in the same universe as these:


But instead of Sean and Caitlin, or Zara and Gemini, this one is Niall and the Wheelman.

And like so many stories, it was inspired by this picture
 photo daviddaniel.jpg

And no, I'm not kidding about the werewolf and merman aspects...

Excerpt, not entirely worksafe:

Erik laughed. “Oh, little one, you've taken to your place so well.” He kissed Niall's temple and surrounded him with the mantle and his arms.

“Beta wolf, Master,” Niall said as he leaned his head against Erik's magnificently broad chest, resting in the full body hug. “I always show belly for an alpha.”

“Bit of a slut too, as I hear it. There have been a great many alphas you've lifted your tail for, am I wrong?”

Niall shook his head. “There have been a number, Master.” He'd lost count before he was twenty. Pretty, big-eyed boys could always find lovers, especially the kind who could pay for things like meals out, and occasional goodies. He was no whore, but he didn't say no to presents or dates, either. And dating up was just smart. Now, he'd reached the very top. Irony abounded.

Erik just chuckled. “From here on, that number is one. Unless I say otherwise.”

“Of course.” Niall flicked his tongue over one of Erik's nipples, knowing they were very sensitive. Erik shivered.

“Ambitious little slut. Let's see just how you like it, then.”

Erik let go of him and the octopus avatar grew until the tentacles were as thick as Niall's thigh at the base and twice as long as he was. The beak released his cock and Erick shoved him well away, the better to watch, Niall figured.

“That's a lovely picture. Wolf imprisoned. No, Wolf ensnared, I think. Go ahead, sweetness, change for me. I've seen the werewolf avatar. Use it.”

Niall hung in the tentacles that held him spread-eagle and concentrated. He almost never changed avatars without a device, so this was uncomfortable. He remembered how he looked and yelped as he shifted into the hulking, hairy, bipedal wolfman.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Never a dull moment here

I have a second (paying) job, so posts may or may not be terribly regular.

What am I doing?

I edited Resistance by BR Sanders.

Naomi and I have a short story in Dominant Tendencies.  If you liked the Memphis of DJ Admire, pay a trip back, with a couple of combat mages, who--very literally--set the night on fire.

Both books are available here as ..pdf, .epub and .mobi, as well as paperback

Currently writing to meet a June 1 deadline, and then we start The Month of Writing Dangerously.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

8 Hours....

The clock counts down that last work shift.

Eight hours left in the Writing Dangerously campaign

Can Angel make even 1/10 of her goal?
$78 is all that's needed.

Get an ebook.
Get a paperback.
Get a character named after you!

Have a sample of the book that you'll be funding:

I poured myself some tea, laced it with rum, and thought. Couldn't be a 'thrope killing, the moon wasn't right. Vampires were only after the blood. Most of the predator species would rend and tear the whole body. The wounds were neat, not even ragged from hacking or a saw. It looked as if someone had just run a super sharp knife around the legs at the bottom of the underpants and the top of the knee. I had an image of flesh being split away from the bone like foam insulation off a pipe. The cleanness of the removal made something tickle in my brain but I couldn't think what it was.

No. This was a human, or mostly human, killing. But not the usual kind. They wouldn't call me in for a guy mad at his girlfriend or a pissed off stepdad who decides to take it out on the kids because it will hurt the woman more. There was something Nightside about this case, and I couldn't figure it out. I had better get on the stick, though. I had twenty-one days to save the next ankle-biter from a nasty death.

Nightside work again. Once you get a rep for it in this business, you never work with humans again. Not that I care about being around people, just that I like my corpses to stay dead. On the Nightside of Memphis there are all kinds of dead, from walking-around-working-dead like the zombies on President's Island to running-the-whole-vampire-underworld dead, like Elvis. I don't mind those. It's the ripping-the-throat-out-of-the-neighborhood-PI dead I object to.

Me, I wasn't dead. Not yet and I planned to keep it that way for a while.

And I was going to do my best to make sure some parent didn't wake up to a horrible surprise on Halloween morning. Full moon on Halloween, it was going to be a hot time in the old town that night. Full moons made the pixies frisky and a lot of Nightsiders more active. The vampires tended to stay in on Halloween, but the werewolves would be running.

We didn't have many local 'thropes. It had been a family unit of three with a couple cousins not in the pack proper. The late Old Man Camomescro ran tight herd on his son and grandson. Nice folks. Grandson Dan taught English at a local college before he'd moved to Wisconsin. His uncle, Zoltan, was in logistics and had stayed in town. The cousins were on my payroll. They were still at the bottom of my suspect list.

Vamps were out of the question. We hadn't had an exsanguination in over a decade. Elvis keeps his people in line. Zombies didn't eat people, unless they got out from under their spell. Those that did seldom got more than a bite or two out of the foreman before being put down. Ghosts didn't kill. Or rather, they compelled people into dangerous situations instead of outright attacks.That eliminated the most obvious Nightsiders. Yay for new and exciting cases.

I hoped it wasn't another demon.