Friday, December 5, 2008

Crimson Prey by Aubrey Ross

Come Celebrate a Deliciously Decadent December with Ellora’s Cave Author Aubrey Ross.

Crimson Prey by Aubrey Ross
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN eBook: 9781419918926
Genre: Vampire
Length: Novella
Release Date: December 5, 2008

Loved the characters, the heat and the thought of an enthralling hero sinking his teeth into your neck in Crimson Thrall? Then get set for more passion, more intensity and a bigger bite!

Six centuries have passed since a treacherous enemy wrested Antonio’s love from his bed. He was outmatched and overpowered before, but nothing will keep him from claiming Serafina now—not even Serafina herself. Wild with hunger and a soul-deep longing, he declares a Bride Hunt, an ancient ritual most vampires abandoned centuries before.

Serafina endured a loveless marriage for the sake of her sisters. Now her husband’s death has freed her to think of her own happiness. Before she can decide how to flex her independence, she’s being hunted by a domineering, if utterly desirable, vampire bent on binding her soul to his. Antonio awakens sensations and ignites responses she never experienced with her husband, but is physical pleasure reason enough to spend eternity at his side?



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Don’t know what to comment on? Here’s an idea! Why is the vampire genre so popular? What do you like or dislike about the concept?


Caffey said...

Hi Angelia! I absolutely vampire romance books! They are totally sensual romantic stories. I think most I love is the ritual of the mating, the immortality and all that comes with it being a vampire romance!

Cathy said...

Ever since I got hooked on the Buffy and Angel tv shows, I have loved vampire heroes. Doing the right thing, protecting those weaker, the strength to battle the evil in the world and in themselves show such a strength of character and convictions that makes for some wonderful heroes.

Fedora said...

I think vamps are appealing for a bunch of reasons, including the more superficial--powerful, long-lived, and in romances, dark and handsome! And as Cathy mentioned, many are also the tortured type of hero that can also be very attractive.

Karin said...

The book sounds good. Vampires definitely have a certain appeal about them. For me, it’s the fact that they have superhuman abilities, or at least most vampires do. I like vampires, in all the forms I’ve read and seen and think the variations in how they are portrayed allows each person to find one portrayal they enjoy. Perhaps that’s part of the reason for their wide appeal - there’s a vamp for every personality.

Asylumgirl said...

Vampires are so popular because there are so many ways to reprensent them. Each author can mold their vampire in any way and it's accepted because we love them so much.