Thursday, November 22, 2012

Being Thankful

I am thankful for many things today

For a house.
For food, and plenty of it, enough that I need to clean out the freezer and see what's there.
For wheels. Even if one set is in the shop 250 miles away, we still have a second vehicle.
For my husband, who always loves me, even if he never says it. He shows it in a million ways.
For my kids, who are proud of their mom, and love her and aren't ashamed to snuggle, even in their teens.
For my oldest, who is willing to be on the cover of a book from Inkstained Succubus Productions (we're doing the shoot tomorrow)
For my parents, who love and believe in me.
For my sisters, especially the one whose been my biggest fan since I was 15.
For you, my net friends, some of whom are friends in the real, whether we've met or not.
For you, my readers. without whom...

For 2192 words written on serial, 267 on Cliff, giving me 31944 for the month.
For edits on 2 novels of mine and 2 of others that need doing. I have never been so pleased to be staring into Editing Hell.

For another year above ground and functioning. The deer accident rattled me badly.

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