Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Yuletide Youtube, Tuesday Shopping

Let's kick the season off right with The Boar's Head Carol. It's sung at the opening of every madrigal dinner I've ever been to. (I know there are better version, but I like this guy's voice and the general enthusiasm of the kids)

This carol dates to 1521. The story goes that Capcot, a scholar at Queen's College, Oxford, was attacked by a wild boar on his way to Mass (as so often happens on college campuses). He grabbed the boar by the scruff of the neck and shoved a copy of Aristotle down its throat. As Aristotle was just as dry in the 1400s as he is to day, the boar promptly choked to death. Capcot took the head on his staff to Mass and later delivered it to dinner.

The fact of it is, Boar hunting season runs Christmas Day to Candlemas (Feb 1), and the boar's head may be a remnant of a Nordic sacrifice to Frejya at Yule.

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