Monday, February 3, 2014

Not dead yet

I just came off a 10 day workweek, mostly at night. I've been in every Dillards from Little Rock to Nashville.

Regular posting is about to resume. We have guest bloggers and my new stuff.
I submitted three stories at the end of last year and "Waterwheel" has been picked up for Storm Moon press' Devout, a priest kink anthology. Naomi and I subbed "Riding the Edge," with sexy interracial combat mages, for Inkstained Succubus' Dominant Tendencies, and it's in there too. Still waiting to hear on the YA.

I said on FB, "I write tentacle sex and everyone says "Of course you did." I write YA and the pearl clutching makes you think the world was ending."

Have been ridiculously fannish about Smallville.
Have just bought Season 3.
However, I forgot to check my Ebay shipping address.
I bought Dark Sage yarn in Movember, had it sent to my mom's place in Drexel Mo.

Guess where my Season 3 SV discs are?
And my copy of "Rick" is headed there as well.
Mom says she'll mail them my way.

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