Sunday, June 15, 2014

Help needed

Are you watching me type my fingers off and wishing you hadn't missed the Indiegogo?
Or did you contribute but wish you'd had more?
Here's your chance!

I need a new title for a story.
Right now, it's called Dirty Toes, and everyone says that sounds like a foot fetish anthology.

Here's the blurb:
DJ Admire works the Nightside of Memphis and this case is as dark as she's seen. Six children, murdered in their beds on the full moon, all the flesh missing from their thighs. Now, she and her police-assigned partner have to find the killer before the full moon on Halloween, and her own hunt is running afoul of the Wild Hunt of the Autumn Court of the Sidhe.

Here's the deal:
I am taking title suggestions.
All suggestions must be here by next Monday, June 23.
There will be a vote for the title on Tues June 24
All those who submit will be entered at the $1 level of a "Thank you" in the acknowlegements
The winning title will be raised one contribution level. If you aren't in the Indiegogo, this puts you at the ebook level. If you already contributed, it boosts you a step in the rewards.

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