Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Sexy Saturday: Their Sexy Gaze

I couldn't resist subverting the theme this week. After all, when you have a love story involving Medusa, it was just too delicious.

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Your Seven Sexy Paragraphs:

Medusa laughed. "Child, I served the Cyprian for two thousand years before you were born. Think you I do not know my own faith, the one I taught you?"

"My lady, I am grateful for all you have taught me. But tonight," Rapunzel marveled at her own boldness, "I wish to learn more. Aphrodite hears me. She tells me this is right." She leaned across the table and kissed her hostess through the veil.

Medusa drew back, stunned by her first human touch in millennia. "Child, do you wish to die? You know what I am."

"I do not lift your veil, my lady. I will not try to see your face. But I do love you."

Medusa nodded slowly. "Bathe then in Aphrodite's pool, and come to my bed when Diana is at her highest."

Rapunzel looked at her. "You... are willing?"

The veiled lips grazed her forehead. "It has been long since I had a lover in my bed. You will be in no danger, my sweet Rapunzel. Go bathe. I have preparations of my own to make."

The Other Sexy People:

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