Friday, January 8, 2016

The final, logical step

So once again, after the Planned Parenthood shooting, we were treated to the Pro-Life's back-and-fill dance of "Yes, we call them murderers and Hitlers and a holocaust, but we don't mean for you to go play River Song and try to kill them!"

Maybe I was sociopathic even in my teens, but it always seemed to me that killing off all the doctors would really be the way to go if they were serious about it. God would understand that they were offering up their soul to save thousands of lives and forgive them. (and my church encouraged young people to become gynecologists and pharmacists for the express purpose of denying women abortions and birth control, thinking to win through attrition)

But I am a science fiction writer, although it's not all shiny things that go FTL in my fiction. And one of my universes is a very dark future. And I swear, I tuned in the following sermon from somewhere deep in the Confederated States.

"How many of you men, sitting here today, have only daughters? It is your wife's perfidy, her sin nature that causes this. The Lord sends sons! 

Women are the weaker vessels, and just as the potter will not keep working with a flawed vessel, but will return it to the clay from which it came, so must we, brothers.

There is one way to end the scourge of abortion in our land. One way, and only one, that God will bless us. We must execute the whores, the seed of Lilith, the rebellious murderesses who kill our sons and brothers.

You cannot let love and sentiment move you, brothers, no more than Abraham did. God commanded him to take his son, his only son Isaac, whom he loved, and sacrifice him. and Abraham obeyed. Who are you to say no? Who are you to protect the harlot Jezebel and all her generation?

Now I know we're talking about your mothers, your sisters, your wives, your daughters. And I know you love them. But they are murderesses! They are harlots. They have murdered your sons, your brothers, you nephews and grandsons. Sacrificed them by silver knife and sucking tube on the altar of Moloch, on the altar of convenience!

Forty percent of them, brothers, four in ten, have killed. And having killed, are more likely to kill again! There are fifty children in our Sunday school this morning. It would be seventy, were the Jezebels you cling to faithful women. 

It is not murder to execute a murderer. Go forth in service to the Lord and to generations yet unborn, Let no woman who has reached double digits live. They are all the spawn of the Great Whore of Revelation. We will end the scourge and God will bless us wither a faithful and obedient generation to create our grandsons.

Let us pray."

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