Monday, March 7, 2016

Why mock Donald Trump?

There comes a time in any politician's career when they need their ego punctured.

Trump is appealing to the lowest common denominator, the cuttlefish, Harlan Ellison calls them.
He is doing this, and promising things he cannot deliver, in a parody of fascism that is violating Poe's Law left, right and center. (Poe's Law; It is impossible to parody the religious right because they have already published a serious article that is a step beyond your satire)

Trump is not the next Hitler. He is using the same tactics, but once in place will focus on getting his name gilded across the White House and getting 16 points on the margin for the Eiffel Tower Deal (and possibly throwing in the Washington Monument)  Read Dave Neiwert's piece on this. He's right on the money.

Even his supporters know he's a buffoon and egotist. They like him because he throws raw meat to the slavering beasts that lurk on the underbelly of our psyches.

What he is doing is paving the way for some earnest young man, a nice Christian kid with a deep love of God an country, an Eagle Scout, to step up in 2020 and lead us STRAIGHT into fascism.  We missed the last exit about 12-15 years ago.

And with his decree that he will punish newspapers, it becomes imperative and patriotic to mock him in every possible forum.

Why? Let Spike Jones explain

By showing this man for what he is, we are resisting. By holding his ideas up to ridicule and obloquy, we show how bankrupt they are.

My own resistance: If Trump is elected, I'm wearing nothing but red lipstick. every day.  Hitler hated red lipstick which is why it was so popular in the 40s.

I will write rude books about dubious sexual escapades: Taken by Trump Tower.. The Boss and my Apprenticed Ass. Der Donald mit die Piche. Maybe some badly disguised Gremlins 2 fanfic. No, wait, I actually like that movie.

But I will stand up and say "I am an American and a woman, and I PEE whether you like it or not. And I took an oath when I was eight years old to serve God, My Country and Mankind. I took it over and over for fifteen more years, and I am standing here saying I am for the gods, all the gods, and those who worship them, all worshipers, I am for America. I love her and want to make her better than she is. I see her potential. I feel the anger that she is not what she was for my parents and grandparents I want to harness that anger into something useful, not into a firestorm to burn away all who are not like me. Serving mankind does not discriminate against color or boundary."

I stand against him, and will mock him with virulent satire at every turn. Should he be elected, I will do my best to make him a laughingstock. I am only one person. But don't quarrel with a woman who buys ink by the barrel.

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