Sunday, March 23, 2008

Racing the Past


Racing The Past is now available for $1.29

Ken Dorflinger has come back from Nam with a bunch of invisible scars and a head full of nightmares. He squelches them with weed and speed and blond mechanics. And this time, he finds the hottest fix in the Mojave, Jeff.


Jeff was just a kid who had a feel for cars. He’d started rebuilding
engines for the guys in high school, married his sweetheart and set up
shop. She ran the business, he did the repairs.
“Sounds like you’re doing okay for yourself. She’s a real pretty little gal.”

“I’ll bet you know all about that. Racers get their pick, don’t they?”
Jeff sounded envious, as if he’d settled down too soon.

“Yeah, of drag-strip trash and cruiser chicks. And they all look alike
after a while: big tits, bigger hair, and clothes a size too small. I
ain’t in it for the girls. Or the money,” he added, knowing the next
question that was coming.

“So why do you do it?” The kid sounded genuinely curious.

“Mechanics. Pretty blond mechanics like you.” He laughed the flirt
off, suspecting he’d said too much, and trying to cover the truth.
“Nah, I do it because not doing it kills me. You shoulda seen me trying
to settle down. Couldn’t hold a job. Too much beer, too many pills,
too much weed and hash. I got on the pipe in ‘Nam, never quite got off it.”

“Driving makes you feel alive,” Jeff said, as if he knew the feeling.
“Yeah. Bet you’re the same way on engines. It’s the only thing makes
me feel real. The only thing that stops the nightmares.”

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