Monday, April 21, 2008

Spotters' Field Guide to the Common Zara Muse

The Common Zara Muse
(Muses angelias Zaras)

The Zara Muse was first spotted in spring 1987, during the writing of a trunk novel. She came with a bad case of twincest, an abusive husband and a look borrowed straight from the Belegriad. Over the years she has been dormant more often than she's been active, but 2005 saw a surge of activity as she appeared in the Cyber'verse.

Zaras are always highly intelligent and usually religious in a way that is more than general identification.

Appearance: A Zara is always tall and slender. She has straight black hair, impressive cheekbones, and an aquiline nose, like her twin's. She is pale, with eyes that are either black or green. She has small breasts and not much in the way of curves. She's all spare and elegant and icy.

Habitats: Zara likes her luxuries. Always wealthy, she can afford what she wants, whether a fine sorceress's tower or a penthouse apartment with hot and cold running slave boys.

Sexual Habits:
The Zara varies widely in her sexual expression. While some are nearly asexual, others are skilled dominatrices. She always has a relationship, whether past or ongoing, sometimes nonconsensual, with her twin brother, Zaran. She is one of the few completely straight muses. She is almost always barren.

Birthdate: Sept 20

Appearances and Aliases:

Zara beht Ellanya. The original Zara muse in a fantasy milieu. A born sorceress sworn to the service of Vendan the Destroyer, her brother kills her husband in order to keep her with him as his magician.

Zara Broine, Cyber'verse, "Pushing the Boundaries of Reality." The Technomancer is one of the top net runners. She becomes entangled with the runner called Gemini, never realizing there are two benEzra twins. She has a prison-issue neural implant (capable only of pain), which her brother controls as part of her ongoing and unwilling servitude. She also has a neural interface for a strap-on. Is a member of the Church of Christ, Programmer.

Sarah Brown. Roaring 20s. Lord Withycombe and the Curse of the Pharaoh's Manicurists. Lady Sarah, as she presents herself, is the erstwhile fiancee of Lord Edward Withycombe. An intelligent and ruthless adventurer, she will do almost anything to have Lord Edwad back and married to her, although they are incompatible. She wears trousers, shoots and rides astride, much to the scandal of all around her.

Kala. (Fairie WIP) A sadistic sorceress who is enslaving the fairy folk, using their magic to feed her own war with her brother.

Natasha "Queen Nat" Norman. (Casting Couch Blues) Miracle Picture's star performer and our hero's former stepmother. The only lesbian incarnation of the Zara muse. Has a longtime lover, Mariposa, and owns a third of of the studio.

Usual companions:

The benJedi twins, as the benEzras. Is married to the David twin, but seeing both.
Zaran. Her twin brother and a brutal top.
The David Muse. Either as a rival (the Wheelman) or as her secretary (Nigel)

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