Saturday, September 11, 2010

A list of works in various stages of progress.


Done and SubbedWorth the Woe

Looking Down the Road

Done but need rewrites
Dancing in the Black
Between Despair and Ecstasy/vampire apocalypse
On the Night Road
Swimming through the Net

In progress
Masquerade—Dec 1, 20K
Withycombe 2—50K min
Songs for Guitar and French Harp—Nov 30, 20K
The Algol 3 Disaster
untitled Flower Fairies
Fruits of Thine
Nick & Corban

On hiatus
Hot Delta nights
Dead Man's Wind
the time travel piece with Hermes
Uncanny Valley
Vampire apocalypse
Space vaudevillians
ghost lovers
hideous title
Rapture Horror
Adrien Origin story
David Origin story
Casting Couch Blues
Dark Angel
Rum Sodomy and the Lash
toads and diamonds
steampunk elf thing
Barbarossa's Bitch
Painting Blues City Red
Dirty Toes
Passion Hearts/Rainbow Hearts
Peregrine off High Barbary
Seasonal Make & Do books
Runic alphabet book
Gammon (lake monster)
Fissures (what lives under the ground)
Mystery of the Monkey God

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