Friday, June 8, 2012

Catching back up

I'm sorry my dears, I am terrible at keeping this blog current. I did an interview today, with Naomi, at Cole's place, I'm finishing rewrites on HOT DELTA NIGHTS, which just poured out of me. 7K to go to reach that magical print number! I'm re-editing NIKOLAI for ebook and paperback. Dark Roast's contracts are over, and I am ready to have it back under my control. Still editing on HARD REBOOT. It takes a fair bit of Naked Nicole Kidman to get me motivated. We're reissuing INTO DARK WATERS, with new stories. I'm renaming HOWL AT THE MISTLETOE into RIDING THE NIGHTMARE and adding my new stories. Also hunting up all the menage a trois stuff we've written and getting ready to put that out as a collection, if there's enough. The fun just never ends around the Gazebo. Now, my darlings, I meant to be in bed over an hour ago. Good night!

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