Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A very mixed week

Yesterday started very badly, my dear and faithful readers.

That is my husband's rig. The windshield is missing because the rescue squad had to get him out that way.
He is alive. He is home. He has some spinal compression fractures, but we think he'll be all right.

It has been two very stressful days.
58% of driver deaths are cause by accidents like this.

Then this morning, I awoke to this in my mailbox:

The cover for my September Release


Corporate retreats are dull at best, but when Carla is sent on one as a punitive measure, she isn't expecting anything to come of it, except a pink slip.

High in the Ozark mountains, nothing is quite as it seems and reality skews in interesting ways. The conference is too elementary and Carla notices people starting to go missing.

And the wild, incessant piping from the forest keeps her awake nights and stirs deeply buried desires.

From Amber Quill's Amber Heat imprint.

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