Thursday, September 19, 2013

S&M on TV

I watch Sons of Anarchy, and I'm finally caught up with season 6.

During ep 1, every Chibs/Juice shipper I know (and I know a fair few) wailed.

On reflection, I realized we had just seen a complete S&M scene with no sexual component--barring the off-screen shagging once the aftercare was done.

The scene is negotiated.

Chibs needs this. Juice needs this. Juice knows what is going to happen as soon as the doors are shut. Chibs gives him further mercy by taking off his rings. (And the post on jewelry and emotions is for later, as is the post on Juice as kissable pass-around) When the boys want to really hurt someone, they don't bother.

The scene is consented to.

Juice knows what is going to happen. He gives a little nod and says only, "I love you, brother."
This is his consent. When the first blow lands, he picks himself up for the second. He does not fight back. He is taking this of his own will.

There is aftercare.

The last shot of the boys shows Chibs stitching up a cut by Juice's eyebrow. Since he's the ad hoc medic, when Tara can't be had, this is typical. But it's the gentle little cuff on the uninjured side of Juice's head that shows yes, he does care. he loves this boy, but they had to get through the scene before the affection could happen again.

This was not the non-consentual, kinky three-way snuff scene of "The Wish" episode of Buffy. This was not the goofiness of Exit to Eden. This was straight up, non-sexual S&M as I have seen it practiced. And that is a very uncommon thing in media.

Ah, Sutter, you magnificent bastard. Break my heart again. It feels so good.

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