Saturday, October 19, 2013

Undeath and the Detetctive Blog Tour: Gay Toltl Kinman

Hello ducks!
We have a lovely guest joining us for tea in the Gazebo today.

Gay Toltl Kinman is here, all the way from LA.

Dr. Gay is a mystery writer,  with lots of books and short stories to her credit. She's a three time Agatha Award nominee and an EPPIE winner. She's a frequent panelist at west coast mystery conventions, a judge for RWA and MWA contests and a law professor. And this time around, this amazing lady is under the cover (literally) with me in Undeath and the Detective, which drops Monday.

Here's what she has to say about her story, “Majestic 12” in The Undead and the Detective

I write mysteries—novels, short stories, plays and children’s books. Please check my pages on Amazon.

My story, “Majestic 12,” was originally epubbed on Mysterical-e, but it was much shorter. Jess Faraday,
who edited the anthology, asked questions and made suggestions, so we worked together in expanding
the story. She is a superb editor.

It’s about a University of California at Berkley professor who has been desperately searching for tangible evidence  that a space ship and at least two beings aboard crashed-landed near Roswell, New Mexico. He’s about to dig up a roll of film that someone took of the event. The Air Force said at first the crash had happened and then later denied it all.

We visited Roswell and the UFO museum there. I had a lot of facts that we cut out of the story. But it seemed so plausible that the event really had happened. I thought what if somebody found something after all this time. The beings on board might look like ET. Talk about undead! They have never really died in people’s memory.

Thank you for joining us, Gay.

Her website is so check her out there and on Amazon!

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