Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Getting Sexy On

This week we’re talking about getting sexy on. You know…those slow dramatic build ups to that first kiss…or the foreplay involved with making a great sexy scene. There is nothing like a well written love scene and we want to know just how your characters get sexy on.

From Worth The Woe

Blurb: Giants' Peak holds adventure and love that is anything but typical for Molly Whuppie...

When food supplies run low in their large family, Molly and her two older but less capable sisters are sent away by their parents, forced to fend for themselves. Molly soon realizes she must put her skills to the test in order to save them all, from starvation, from the sinister woods, and from the fierce giants and vengeful giantesses inhabiting Giants' Peak.

But an encounter with three beautiful giant sisters gives Molly hope that not only will she and her siblings survive, but she might also find unexpected love along the way...

Seven Sexy Paragraphs:

Betta just soothed me and led me to the kitchen. Lizzie and Anna
took the giant’s bed, and Betta’s sisters went back to their own. I
stripped the soaked chemise off as Betta heated some water for me to
wash. She smiled to see me standing there in nothing at all.

She came to me, with warm water and a soft cloth, stroking away
the blood and wrack from my face. She smiled then and kissed me, not
taking me in her arms as earlier, but leaning into it like a naughty
milkmaid stealing one from her shepherd lad.

“Thank you, love,” she whispered against my mouth. Her big hands
covered my neck and shoulders and arms, then down my back and
belly. When they came up to clean my breasts, I arched to meet them
and kissed her, wrapping my arms around her. She dropped the cloth,
heedless of my still-fouled legs staining her chemise, and clutched my
breasts as she kissed back, her tongue conquering my mouth with its
slow strokes.

Her thumbs grazed my nipples, sending the same sparkles through
me as her kiss had, only harder and fiercer now, igniting that space
between my legs until it begged to be touched. I kissed her harder,
shoving my hips against her. She slid a broad thigh in between my legs
and I rubbed against it, trying to quell the need that ached all through

All I did was burn hotter, my skin flushing. She cupped one breast
and bent to tongue the nipple. I rubbed hard against her, the nameless
ache shivering all through me.

“Molly, Molly, I love you. From the moment I saw you, I knew you
were mine.” Her words blew warm over my body, teasing the nipple
even more.

I scarcely listened. Such foolishness was unfortunately common
among pampered daughters who believed in love at first sight. But I
wanted… I had no idea what I wanted. I knew that rubbing might get
me there, or it might not. But the ache rode low in my belly, knotted
and twisting.


Sexy Erotic Xciting said...

Lovely build up. Thanks for sharing.

PJ DEAN said...

very sweet, caring build. should be a lovely affair.