Saturday, May 31, 2014

Forty Things Every Erotica Writer Should Try Once

This is advice that is often given to writers.
It's not a bad bit of advice. It can be stifling if taken too literally. All we end up writing are people just like ourselves. Or, we can treat it as an imperative to go out and learn about what we're writing about.

The best advice I can give any writer, after "WRITE!" is this:

Go Do It.

Very simple, and yet so very hard. It may require experimenting outside your comfort zones, stepping outside your sexual orientation, or braving a learning curve.

Go Do It.

1) Have Sex.
2) Have Anal Sex.
3) Suck a Cock.
4) Eat a Twat.
5) Receive Oral.
6) Be Fucked with a Dildo. A Butt Plug. A Vibrator.
7) Fuck Someone with The Same.
8) Try a Strap-On
9) Fist Someone
10) Be Fisted.
11) Try Shibari.
12) Try Suspension
13) Wear Handcuffs.
14) Wear Leather Cuffs.
15) Wear a Leather Collar.
16) Wear a Metal Collar.
17) Put Cuffs on Someone
18) Put a Collar on Someone.
19) Walk on a Leash.
20) Walk Someone on a Leash.
21) Take a Blow. From a Rubber Flogger. From a Leather Flogger From a Single Tail. From a Crop. From a Paddle.
22) Throw The Same Blows.
23) Try The Position.
24) Have a Safeword.
25) Have Clamps Applied. And Removed.
26) Apply and Remove Clamps
27) Have Hot Wax, Ice, Needles, Electricity Applied to Erogenous Zones
28) Apply Hot Wax, Ice, Needles, Electricity to Erogenous Zones
29) Be Slammed Against A Wall and Kissed Ferociously
30) Slam Someone Against A Wall and Kiss Them Ferociously
31) Be Put Through the Basic Submissive Poses
32) Correct a Sub Through the Basic Submissive Poses
33) Give Aftercare
34) Receive Aftercare
35) Start a Relationship
36) Break Off a Relationship.
37) Go On a Traditional Date.
38) Have a One-Night Stand.
39) Have a Threesome.
40) Fall in Love

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