Monday, May 26, 2014

Busy time

I haven't fallen off the map.
I've just been busy. I had a couple of "I'm on the 19th hour of an 18 hour bra" days.
Facebook is easier for reposting something quick. Here, I feel obligated to provide actual content.

So let's talk about how I do social media

I have:
This blog,

Anything I post here automatically goes to Google+, Twitter, Goodreads  and Facebook. There is a feed to LJ (not that anyone follows it)

Anything I post at Dreamwidth mirrors to LJ.
Everything posted on LJ mirrors to FB and Twitter
The drawback here is that Dreamwidth doesn't have an easy picture upload, so I can't do photodumps.

Pinterest mirrors to Facebook and sometimes I crosspost to LJ or Tumblr.

Some of my Goodreads activity mirrors to Facebook.

Tumblr? I'm still figuring out Tumblr.

Basically, Livejournal is still your best option for following me. But most of its content gets sent elsewhere as well.

Current projects:
Finishing The Sweet Science
Dirty Toes picks up June 1.

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