Monday, September 29, 2014

Extra Kid needs a hand up

All right, Fiends and Neighbors, you know I have lots of extra kids.

Right now, I have one who is need of some help. Imani is couch surfing, unable to afford to go back to college, not finding work in our depressed economy. But he hasn't let this stop him. He's all set to go to truck driving school, which will get him a CDL-A, and promises a job after graduation. (They have lifetime placement. In a year *I* can check back and they believe they can get me a job!) Being OTR will let him have a place to live while being gainfully employed.

There is always a but.

We need to lay our hands on $150, by Monday the 6th. None of us has this in ready cash. It will pay for his physical, his CDL test and fees and his background check.

So, this is the deal.
We're asking for you to help us give this kid a hand up. I've committed to getting him to classes for the three weeks and making sure he passes.

Just kick in a buck, $5. It all goes to getting him into school and then on the road.
This goes through my paypal, you know the drill: valarltd at yahoo

We're not asking you to do it for nothing:

$1 gets you a three card Tarot pull
$5 gets you an ebook of your choice from my backlist.
$10 gets you the ebook and a cross-stitched bookmark with a snarky saying
$15 gets the ebook, the bookmark and a 15 card Tarot pull
$20 gets you a paperback from my back list
$50 gets you a lap afghan

Anything we go over $150 will get equipment for him for the road: a plug-in cooler, bedding, etc.

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