Thursday, September 4, 2014

Free e-book

Some years back, I wrote a book called Nikolai.  Things have changed, and Nikolai was looking a little dated. So with the aid of Gabriel Belthir, I rewrote Nikolai, changing things I had never been happy with and setting up for the forthcoming books.

This is for you loyal readers who have copies, and for new readers interested in our work. If you've played in the Eight Thrones universe, or listened to me ramble, or whatever.

Nikolai Revenant, the rewritten Nikolai, is currently free for the month of September.Anthony, the prequel, will be out soon.

To get your .pdf copy, right click here  Nikolai Revenant

To get a .mobi or .epub copy, drop an email to inkstainedsuccubus at gmail.

We love you, our faithful fanbase, and hope you will join us on the journey to finish the series.

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