Monday, October 27, 2014

Ellora's Cave Chicanery again...

And the hits just keep coming.

My mail today. Why does a check cut on September 30 have an October 25 postmark?

Why are books that I have had the rights returned still on sale?

"Eight Days Ablaze" was returned in Feb. I am not getting paid for it.
Why is it still available at Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, and Ellora's Site itself?

"Eight Days Ablaze" is apparently still theirs. I checked my reversion letters, and it is not mentioned. "For Love of Etarin" and "Raising the Dead" however, HAVE reverted.

"For Love of Etarin" is the same way.
And yet, it still available on GooglePlay.

Glad Hands and Privateer's Treasure are still up on Amazon, And the rights reverted back August 15.

The Reversion letter was weird:
Ellora’s Cave Publishing Inc. reverts to you as author all rights to the contracted and published works listed below, released under your pen name of NAOMI BROOKS. (1) We have ceased sales of digital copies of these works. We have notified our third party digital and print distributors (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Google, ARe, Ingram, OverDrive and others) to remove the books from sale; be aware it can take them several days to several weeks to implement a removal notice.


1) Naomi Brooks is NOT my pen name. Naomi is my writing partner. I write under my real name.

2) Misspelling of title. Can that nullify the reversion?

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azteclady said...

I would say, "unbelievable" but sadly, I've learned to believe this type of outrageous behaviour from EC.