Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Release Day: Hungry hearts

It's release day!

Hungry Hearts is out from Inkstained Succubus.
Five sexy, scary stories just in time for Halloween.


Buy Link:!product/prd1/2799393611/hungry-hearts

Inhuman lovers and kinky sexual encounters abound in this erotic horror anthology. The darkness inside all of us gets fed with these four chilling tales of lovers and terrors. Guardian angels, dreamscapes, and chilling revelations for all.

Blood Roses by Angelia Sparrow

The yellow fever is raging, and lovers are parted by half a world, but as long as the roses bloom, there is hope. It's when they stop blooming...

Not Always As It Seems by Syble Baker

Sometimes, ignorance is bliss, and knowing too much about your lover only leads to heartbreak.

Persephone Is Bleeding by S. Zanne

What if Persephone was not a person but a title, the lover of the Lord of Hell? And Clay, fifth in that post, is discovering exactly what it means.

The Graveyard Angel by Shenoa Carroll-Bradd 

The guardian of the graveyard has been watching Emily for a long time, and loves her as he did her grandmother.

The Longest Night by Rick Wasserman
An ancient love and an ancient curse combine into passion on one night a year.

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