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Better Than Fifty Shades February: Hard Reboot

Let's be totally honest about Hard Reboot. A lot of the kink isn't consensual.  It's the kind of book kinky people read, not the kind that accurately depicts BDSM. And this is stated right up front. (Given that it's cyberpunk and a lot of the equipment doesn't exist, there's that to consider too)

Caitlin is kidnapped, brainwashed and turned into a sex slave. Her mental and physical responses are rewired.  Her husband spends the whole book working to get her back to herself, without the people who pretty much own them finding out.

Zara underwent similar brainwashing, with the implication that hers was even more awful because her owner didn't know what he was doing and was learning the techniques. She has fought her own way back to some sort of normal, after a decade, but the wrong tone, a stern command, and she's on her knees right beside Caitlin.

David is submissive, but he too is subject to forms of mind control. Turns out this is done through a chip in his brain and spine and is for everyone's safety.

Still a better love story than 50 Shades. Many of the characters act out of power and covetousness. But some of them act out of love.

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One of my favorite bits, and not work safe.:

Caitlin jacked out, unmounted a portable drive from her base tower and then purged her entire hard drive. Naked as usual in the apartment, maintaining at least the appearance she was still a slave, for the benefit of the hidden LedaCorp cameras in the ceiling, she stretched and shook out her hair. Sean came closer and saw she wasn’t sweating from this run. He snapped his fingers and she went to her 


“That should begin the ball rolling. I am done and the initial action against EIT is visible, Master.”

Sean knew his panic was showing. Direct confrontation was never his style. In fact, it terrified him. Now, Caitlin had put them on a collision course with the people who had nearly destroyed them.  With people who could destroy the whole world if they chose. They all had nukes and bio weapons. They all had more power and more money than most governments. Worse, she had put them in conflict with the people whose paychecks kept them eating steadily and living indoors.

He knew she’d been at this for a while now. It was her personal redemption and vengeance. She’d needed it, and he’d been in favor of it when she started. Now that the dominoes were actually beginning to fall, it was hard not to have second thoughts. 

“We’re moving,” he announced and headed for the bedroom to start packing. Running was all he could think of to do. It had saved his skin often enough in the past, but he wasn’t sure he could run
far or fast enough to get away now. 

“No, Master, we aren’t.”

Sean stopped in his tracks and smiled. Caitlin had finally gotten enough back to contradict him, even as she still called him master. They continued so she wouldn’t slip in front of people. He turned and went back to kiss her. “Why not, sweetheart? We’ll take your running stuff and head somewhere warm that they don’t know about.”

She kept her voice very low, so as not to be overheard by any possible new bugs or any of the still active mics. “There is no place they don’t know about. Technomancer and the Timberwolf can
find anyone. Could you really cut off your brother completely? Besides, I have data Leda will want. That should level the playing field some.” She held up the storage drive. 

Sean hugged her hard. “Damn, I love you! Have I mentioned you’re the smartest, most vicious woman I know?”

Caitlin squirmed out of his arms and taped the drive to the bottom of the kitchen table. She crawled back to the front room, and dropped the heavy flogger from the bedroom wall at his feet.

“Please, Master. I need this. Don’t stop until the Gemini are here. Believe me, after what I’ve been up to, they are coming.”

“And how do you know this, girl?”

She kept her voice down and explained, her smile sly and self-satisfied. “Your slave may have been routinely hacking the LedaCorp motor pool, Master, this morning, to keep an eye on things. Their motor pool data has a fairly high level of protection, but Irishgirl slips through undetected, unlike a half dozen or so paparazzi trying daily to access the same node, nicely distracting Security for me. As usual I planted a key-logger program on their system to alert me if any vehicles are set to come within a mile of your apartment while I ran elsewhere today. 

“Just as I pulled the key-logger, I saw one of their hoverlimos log a flight plan, with our address as its destination. Two VIP passengers, names not given. Two ground escort vehicles to rendezvous at destination coordinates. Projected ETA ninety minutes, give or take five to fifteen for traffic.”

Sean kissed each of the pink, peaked nipples and then her mouth. “I do love you, girl.” Sean kissed her left nipple again, hooked his tongue through the ring and tugged it lightly to hear her hiss in pleasure, and then pulled it into his mouth to suck. 

Caitlin moaned softly at the touch of his mouth, her body’s sensitivity betraying her as she got wet. “Tie me down, please, Master?”

He bit her, not hard, just a sharp nip. The orgasm crashed through her, making her spasm in his arms. “No,” he said, shoving two fingers into her wet slit. “On your knees, slave, forehead to the floor, wrists over your head. Not tied.” He pulled her clit ring, just a little harder than she liked, and she came again, screaming. 

He knew all the best ways to send her into subspace and keep her there, until she would let him do anything he wanted. She would need to be deep tonight, he knew. She always did after hard runs and he hadn’t given it to her after the last few. Now, the accumulated session time had reached critical need. Down she went.

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