Friday, February 6, 2015

Better than Fifty Shades February: Jodi Paye and Chris Owen's Deviations Series

When people as "So what kink DO you read?"  this is one of the series I point them to.

This is the one with the images that stick with me. The Barn. Noah facing down Phan's father. Tobias delivering the foal. Noah facing his fear of the cage. Tobais scarring a T into a sub's back with only a toothpick. Phan and his leather hair ribbons. This is the one that added ideas to my fantasy life.

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I read all five. And I think the first four are the best. (The fifth seems to lose its way when the men are no longer working, Men draw most of their identity from work)  I also highly recommend Rough Draft. It's one of the few nonkinky contemporaries I like.

My favorite scene is in Domination. Noah has told his Sir, Tobias, about one of his fantasies, and Tobias (with a little help) is making it come true.

 Tobias moved. He didn't run, but he rushed up against Noah and propelled him into the brick wall ahead of the car, one hand up and out to keep Noah from being hurt by the impact. He pressed along Noah's body, his other hand on Noah's mouth. "You think you can dance like that and just walk out? That you can tease and put on a show and leave a man wanting? Slut."

Noah was quiet for a moment. He struggled a bit, disoriented, but turned his head far enough to get a look at Tobias and went still. He was breathing hard and his heart was pounding. It only took him a few seconds to form an appropriate response. "I... never promised you anything," he growled.

Tobias allowed himself a flicker of a smile as Noah jumped into the game.

He shoved a little harder, willing to be rougher now that Noah was at least aware that he was even there. "You made a promise to every man watching, Pretty Boy," Tobias said, a little louder. "Just that I'm the one who got out here to collect." He dragged his hand down Noah's body, fingers digging into muscle and pulling at cloth.

"Gentlemen ask first," Noah drawled. "But you're not a gentleman, are you? What if I told you I already have someone waiting for me? What then?"

"Then I'd say you don't seem to care much either way." Tobias dropped his hand lower and grabbed Noah's cock through his trousers. "Hard as a rock, slut." He licked Noah's ear and laughed softly. "You want it."

Noah didn't bother to cover his groan. "How do you know what I want? Who the hell do you think you are?" he asked, pressing his ass back into Tobias' hips. "Out here in the fucking parking lot..."

"Did you see him leave?" Came a voice off to their right. Logan.

"No, but it looks like we're too late, man," Bradford said in reply.

"Jesus, look at him. The fucking slut."

"There's no point in butting in, Tobias doesn't share."

Noah groaned again and glanced over his shoulder at Tobias again, his mask reflecting the shadowy light. "Jesus... "

Tobias laughed again, his hand rubbing Noah's erection and slipping down to cup his balls for a moment. "Good evening, gentlemen. You're a little slow." He ground his own prick against Noah's ass, his breath speeding.

"Or you're a little fast," came a voice on the left. Tobias had to actually turn his head to see who it was this time. "Let that tease go, Tobias, he's not worth it, take me instead," Nikki offered.

Tobias grinned and looked him over slowly. "Sorry, kid. You're a little... well. You're not this one." He gave Noah's cock a squeeze. "Gonna fuck you, Pretty Boy," he said to Noah. He flicked his wrist and undid the button on Noah's trousers.

"Oh, God." Noah was half in the scene and half in a fog of arousal, Tobias realized with smug satisfaction. "No, no," Noah mock-protested quite convincingly. "You can't, not here --I have a Master, he's waiting." His body betrayed him, however, and he groaned again. Tobias could feel the adrenaline pumping in him, feel his pulse race, his temperature rise.

"Do it, man!" came another voice behind him, and another one followed.

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