Sunday, July 19, 2015

Busy Sunday

Feeling ridiculously accomplished, although I had what most would consider and ordinary day.

I did a freezer inventory, came up with a meal plan and grocery shopped. We have 20 lbs of chicken leg quarters in the freezer.

There were meatball sandwiches for dinner. Yum!

I cubed up a cantaloupe and a watermelon. The produce from Save-a-lot has been SO good. The grapes are ripe and juicy. The watermelon was the best I've had this year. The cantaloupe is soft and full of flavor.
That thing where you cut the watermelon in half, run the knife around the edge and then in a grid, and slice into the sides? It works! Fast and easy.

I got Somewhere Out There up on All Romance Ebooks

I started royalty statements. Everybody's sales are on their pages. Calculations later.

I knitted some and played with kittens.

I am doing laundry. I'll throw them in the dryer and go to bed.

Did some Crone work. Sometimes, a friend just needs a minute to hide in the shadow of the Mountain and hear Grandmother whisper that it will all be okay. The wheel turns.

All in all, a good day.
Planning for the week ahead:
5 Stores, the great Mississippi loop

4 Sears and a Best Buy, The North End.

3 Sears, the south side
Pick up meds


Picnic at the lake!

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