Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Work In Progress Wednesday

Amid the promo hoopla, it's easy to forget, I'm still writing.

From the animal attack story.

The first few days of the journey were uneventful. The jungle grew thicker the further we ventured from the city, and the wildlife more frequent. Serpents basked on the tree branches. Birds called everywhere. At night, we heard the hunting calls of the wolves and the distant trumpeting of elephants heralded the dawn.

But the monkeys were our constant, unwanted companions. They chattered and screeched so loudly we could hardly hear one another. They dropped the most repulsive things on us from the trees, grubs and worms, half-eaten and rotted fruits and worse. Even under the thickest forest, we used umbrellas, not against sun or rain, but as protection from the disgusting barrage.

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