Sunday, December 23, 2012

An experiment

A social experiment: Could I spend a month without Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus? (I can't give up Youtube, that's where I keep my typing music)

Would my creativity and productivity improve if I spent all the time I'm currently using on Facebook and other "social media" promoting myself and other such things actually writing instead?

I guess I'll find out in January. I am removing all social media from my phone, and only allowing myself one hour a week on Facebook (probably mostly spent doing Flair of the day) and other social media to see if I can discipline myself into writing more and "everything else" less.

The only way to reach me will be through my livejournal, and my website.
That's it . . . for January, at least. And we'll see where I need to go from there.

So, during January, if you need me, bear in mind I'm only checking my e-mail twice a day through the aggregator on my phone: early morning and late afternoon. But, don't fret, I will also be updating my blog at least three times a week. So, check out how long I can last at this challenge here at Livejournal or at Blogger (LJ mirror). These posts are mirrored to Facebook and Google+ automatically.

My goal is 62,000 words in January, 2000 a day.

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