Sunday, December 9, 2012

Yuletide Youtube, extra geeky

Yuletide Youtube:

Pic of the Day:

I want to do an action-figure creche! With a Luke and Leia holding an glowing ball, three Jedi visitors, Chewie as herald angel...It kinds works in my head. (My poor Luke action figure is decapitated though and his head is stored in the weapons locker of my storage case)


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Free books and how to get them!
Stephanie Rowe's Jingle This is free for the Kindle

Starting Thursday, All Romance Ebooks is giving away free books:

You can get a prototype of my cookbook tomorrow at Speak Its Name, and there are a lot of good stories and articles.

Jessewave is hosting the Big-ass Holiday Giveaway on Dec 22.
M/m writers, sign-up is today.

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