Saturday, June 7, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: My Sexy Captain's Chair

Share with us this week those characters who are in charge and wield it in such a way that everyone loves them. Even those they think don’t. They don’t realize their power because it is natural to them. Right. These are the characters that appeal to all and each are different in lots of ways. Show us the characters that make our hearts sing, make us cry, make us wish for a better tomorrow…help us show them that they are more than the chair.

From "Breathe Deep"
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Blurb: Captain Salzoran and his merry crew haunt the spacelanes, taking what prizes they can. Years earlier, a chance encounter with a star yacht owned by one of the three Great Houses in the galaxy left Salzoran with a pretty green-eyed virgin boy in his cabin. He returned the young prince to his family, neither harmed, nor a virgin.

Now, although they have been apart for several years, Sharnil still remembers his pirate lover and misses him. Dissatisfied with his marriage and his life, he summons Salzoran to come and get him.

The designated meeting point is a pleasure station, built by Sharnil's father, and now hosting a month-long interstellar masquerade party and orgy. Here, on a metal wheel four miles in circumference, Salzoran must find his beloved prince amid thousands of costumed male revelers. And nothing is ever as easy as it sounds...

Your Seven Sexy Paragraphs:

I pressed him back against the bulkhead and kissed him. Oh yeah, the mouth was soft. Sweet, and gentle I kissed him, ignoring the hand that pushed me away, the twisting of his head.

“I’m not for you,” he protested when I let him up.

“Who are you for?” I asked, kissing his neck under the curls. “Some little girl who doesn’t know one end of a man from the other? Who thinks that pretty mouth should only be used for love poetry and chaste kisses under the moons?”

“I must stay pure! This marriage is more important than you can imagine.” Feisty brat twisted out of my hands and got across the cabin. “It’s more than my happiness, more than any mere pirate’s filthy lust. I am the only son of the Houses. She is the only daughter. There can be no error, no impurity, nothing to stop this
marriage. The financial and political stability of the galaxy itself is at stake.”

I cornered him and sniffed him again, trying not to laugh at his high opinion of his virginity. “That is why you smell of drink and intoxicants but not of whores. Any healthy boy would have spent at least half his money on the ladies at The Station.” I kissed his cheek, and down his neck. The smell of him was driving me mad, and I could feel he was hard against my thigh. “I won’t touch you in any way that she will. You will go to her pure and undefiled by women.”

“I’m hungry,” he stalled.

“Food’s there,” I gestured, steering him to the table by the back of his neck. I picked up a clusterberry and brought it to his lips. “Try this.” When he took it, I stroked his mouth. After a second, I kissed him. “You taste sweet, boy.” I caught a strip of roasted reptin, Klawk’s specialty. He took the meat from me more
willingly this time. I was tired of the game, and didn’t want to get messy. “Sit. Eat. Tell me what your father will pay for your safe return.”

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