Saturday, August 23, 2014

My Sexy Saturday: Our Sexy Life

You’ve seen these characters. They are the founding couple of a pack, an investigation unit, a rag-tag bunch of soldiers out to save the universe. These are the ones readers can’t get enough of and want to know what happens to them even if they aren’t the couple in the forefront. Share with us those sexy couples and let us know how their happily-ever-after stacks up against the rest of those couples out there.

There's only one couple suitable for this...
And alas they don't end well at all.  (This may change. Niko-Chan is getting a total rewrite after we finish the book that belongs between it and Nikolai)

From Niko-Chan (Out of Print):

"Valerio, lovely, did you really spend your life-savings on me?” He bit his lip as Valerio nodded and popped the beer. David bent in and kissed his cheek. “Would you like them back? Here, in Europe, I have
several fortunes. They do me no good as I am.”

"No regrets. Yer worth it,” Val said, taking a drink. He ducked out of David’s arms and went
to sit.

"A quiet arrangement, man to man. I reimburse you, you keep me." David sounded almost

Val shook his head. David kissed him again, his mouth soft on Val’s. Val took control of the kiss, hungry for the taste of his man. He set the beer down and ran his big hands over David’s body.

"Yours,” David whispered. Val kissed him again, harder, splitting his lip until they both tasted blood. David moaned and pressed closer. When Val released him, he stripped out of the whites, very fast, standing before Val in only the collar.

Val watched, biting his lip. “Valerio? What's wrong, love?” David asked.

"Want you. Too much, sometimes.”

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