Monday, December 1, 2014

Yuletide Youtube 6: Revenge of the Acapella

Hello and welcome to Yuletide Youtube! Each day during December, we will have some seasonal music, a couple pictures, crafts, recipes, stores and other things.

Since today is the kick-off, let's start with a favorite kick-off to every Madrigal dinner, a cyber Monday sale and a couple of smiles. because a smile can make a Monday better.

Sounds of the Season:

Cyber Monday Sales:
My Etsy Shop!
Socks and Scarves and other goodies
Use the code cybermonday2014 to get 25% off any purchase of $5 or more.


Elizabeth's Etsy Shop
Beautiful pictures and art
Code is HOLIDAY14 for a discount


Inkstained Succubus is having our first holiday sale:
Half off the newest anthology, Candle In the Dark.
And when you buy it, you get a 10% discount on anything else you buy in December


Literary Underworld is hosting a LOT of sales.

And a visual:

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