Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday Wish List

It's that time of year again.
 My year has improved a great deal over last year.
We're not out of the woods yet, but husband has a job and I have one I like better that pays much better.

 There are always things we need, but I am using this for things I would like:

 1) Blog readers. Either for or for the business blog at or even my LJ, Pinterest and Tumblr (valarltd). The LJ gets Friday Photodumps, the blogspot gets My Sexy Saturdays.

 2) Book Readers. A small press is nothing without readers. Inkstained Succubus is bringing out good Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, often with a same-sex theme. We have short stories, anthologies and novels.

 3) Writers, voice actors and artists. Again an Inkstained Succubus wish. If you have a story (original, no fanfiction) gathering dust, or if you'd like to have your art on the cover of a book, check out submission guidelines and drop us a note. We're looking to start recording audiobooks, and need male voices in particular. We are a paying press.

 4) Etsy shoppers.

 5) Fan art. Preferably from my original stuff (I love Eight Thrones fan art and geekery), but also from my fanfic. I have a drawing of my lion, Gordon, from "Songs for Guitar and French Harp" that makes me very happy.

Material things

 6) Crochet hooks. Any size, any number. I put fimo handles on them for Etsy

 7) Yarn. Any amount, any type. I will use it. I knit all winter to keep my fingers limber

 8) BPAL. If you have imps you don't love, I will give them a try, and if they don't work, I'll pass them on to another loving home.

 9) The care package seems to be the the thing this year.

 10) If you have a tarot deck that isn't working for you anymore, I'd love to give it a good home. (I have Robin Wood, Celtic, Dark Angels, Fantastic Creatures and Cthulhu)

Giving Back:

 11) Donate Blood if you can. There is always a need.

 12) Register to be an organ donor or bone marrow donor. (I'm both)

 13) Leave comments on social media, not just likes or hearts or kudos. In the same vein, send a fan letter to an author, fanfic or original. It will make their day.

 14) Give to the charity of your choice. My favorites include Toys for Tots, Project Linus and the Hunger Site. Food stamps just got cut, so many food pantries are more strapped than usual.

 And 15 My gift to you: My cookbook.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't mind being a voice actor, if you think my voice is good for such a thing.

Angelia Sparrow said...

Emailed you about it.